December 22, 2011

Speeding ticket

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes
My husband recently went on a trip out of town. He took my new car because it gets better gas mileage than his car. My car is really cute and bright red. It is small, and can zip around town very quickly, and it is always easy to find a parking space because of its size. Anyway, I reluctantly let him use my car for his road trip for business. He got back when he had planned and things went on as normal. Then I needed to buy something one day and asked him to give me some money. He said he was a little short and needed to wait a few days. He had just gotten paid so I was wondering why he was so broke. Then he confessed that he had gotten a speeding ticket while he was out of town. He was going to have to pay it by the next Tuesday or go to court in the other state to fight the ticket. I asked how much the ticket was and he reluctantly told me $450.00. That man gets more tickets than anyone I know. Plus he told me he was not allowed to drive in that state for the next six months. I told him to just go online with our and pay the ticket. It would cost more in gas to drive back over there plus he wasn’t even supposed to drive in that state for six months. I don’t know how he gets in these messes.