March 1, 2012

Little Leaps

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes 

 I bought a Leap Pad toy at the consignment salefor my daughter. It is the one called “Little Leaps,” and it comes with a little box with 3 different shapes/joysticks, a pad to dance/walk on, and several games. Does anyone know anything about this product? Do you have to have Cable television for it to work, or is just a television enough? I am hoping to be able to put it in the playroom for the kids, and keeping it set up always so they can just turn it on and play it, without having to disrupt the family cable tv system in the living room. There is not a cable connection in the playroom, however. We have an old, small television that has input and output holes on the front, but I’m not sure what they are for, or if they will work for the Little Leaps games. The tv does have VHS capabilities, if that matters. Because I got this at consignment, I don’t have the original packaging or instructions, so I’m trying to find this information on my own.