October 23, 2011

Tracking down some really great vintage pieces

Any time that I set out to track down a very specific kind of piece of vintage clothing, it's exciting like it's a treasure hunt. I guess that it would help more if I actually found some gold that would help me pay off my student loans, but you can't wear gold. So I stick to finding dresses and things like that. I just love wearing a prize of all that vintage shopping.
I use my clear a lot to find some of this stuff. I get in touch with store owners, find new stores and bid on stuff on auction sites. But most of the time I definitely prefer to see and try on the pieces in person rather than bid for it on an auction site. It's important to actually look at the piece from all angles so that you can see if it has anything wrong with it.
I do a whole lot of thrift store shopping too. Not everything I wear is vintage. I've found some of my favorite pieces at thrift stores, plus it helps fill out the rest of my wardrobe at a really great price.