July 31, 2007

Narconon Vista Bay

If you are looking for drug rehab information I would suggest you to visit narconon vista bay.Narconon's materials and methodology enable the majority of its students to achieve a stable drug-free, productive, ethical life. A fundamental premise of the Narconon program, known and used by all its staff and students, is that stable recovery is achievable.This result is not achieved without effort. Narconon students are brought to understand that they will achieve a drug-free life only if they use the knowledge and life skills they are learning. A vital part of achieving this goal is developing a realistic, workable sense of personal ethics and responsibility. Personal addiction to drugs can be ended. Their statistics show that a majority of their graduates have achieved this freedom. Narconon International and its centers are constantly working to improve their success rate.
Narconon Northern California demonstrates the workability of the drug-free social education model. Their drug rehabilitation does not use more drugs to solve the problem of drug and alcohol abuse. We have found that effective education must be a fundamental component of the rehabilitation process in order for alcohol and other drug abusers to stably recover and live ethical and productive lives.

The Narconon program is effective in diverse environments: prisons, juvenile halls, other treatment facilities, or its own residential or nonresidential facilities. Rehabilitation centers grow out of the community. A program for drug abusers might be housed in a community center in one locale and a hospital in another. For this reason, an effective program must be able to adapt to a variety of settings. Narconon services are delivered in freestanding residential and nonresidential facilities, as well as in prisons and juvenile halls.
The Narconon program, as licensed by Narconon International, can be incorporated in other rehabilitation or institutional settings. Depending on the circumstances, Narconon centers can either train the staffs of other organizations or provide trained staff.