August 9, 2007

Colloidal Silver Effectiveness

Do you know something about colloidal silver?It is the combination of small particle size and high particle concentration that produces the maximum effectiveness for a colloidal silver product.By drinking the silver colloid enters the stomach and then the small intestines. Most of the absorption of the silver particles takes place in the small intestines. The silver particles pass through the lining the small intestines directly into the bloodstream where they circulate to all parts of the body. The particles are eventually removed from the bloodstream by the kidneys and are passed out of the body as waste.The effectiveness of silver particles that circulate in the bloodstream is to a large extent determined by the particle surface area that is available. High particle surface area colloids have most of their silver content contained in the silver particles. The high concentration of particles is in the form of nanometer sized silver particles which presents the highest surface area to the environment in which the colloid is present.The only product offering this powerful combination of properties is Mesosilver.Mesosilver combines the smallest nanometer size particles and the highest particle concentration, a powerful combination of properties, to produce a colloidal silver product that has the highest particle surface area of any colloidal silver product ever tested.