July 29, 2007

ePERKS Real Estate

A new website called ePerks provides consumers with over 80% of the referral fee it collects from agents who complete a transaction through ePERKS, in the form of cash back.ePERKS.com is a new tool to note when you need to find a service provider, and it is not just designed for real estate services. The site is a revolutionary place for service providers, and consumers to meet.On one hand, ePERKS.com offers service providers a unique marketing program that they will benefit from. On the other hand, the website will also offer consumers value and incentives to those who seek quality service.
The ePerks Real Estate section provides real estate professionals with a client leads, and offers exclusive territory protection. This means once you become a member you no longer have to compete with scores of other agents in your area for business. Instead, you become the premier representative for a local area (that you select) when you sign up. Buyers and Sellers can then use the website to find you. Best of all, the company is so confident that service providers will find success with the program, that they offer a 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee. This gives you the security of promoting your services in a unique way, with little risk.
Real estate consumers can use ePERKS.com with confidence, knowing that a limited number of exclusive professional real estate brokers have created special offers (free meals or free inspectors, for example), discounts, or even cash incentives to receive just for working with an ePERKS.com service provider. The professional quality of service providers, along with specially designed incentives gives consumers added value, savings, and maybe even cash.
The ePERKS website will officially launch July 30, 2007. Be sure to visit www.eperks.com on July 30th, and become a part of this new way to secure quality service. To find out how to obtain an ePERKS exclusive market territories, call (800)788-1798.