July 27, 2007

Business Performance

If you are looking to make your business better just keep reading.AKS-Labs was founded in 2000 and now is focusing on creating powerful and easy to use solutions for getting valuable information out of files created with popular office tools. The most known project is Balanced Scorecard Designer.AKS products are used widely. Home based professionals as well as representatives of departments of large companies found our products easy to install, configure and use. It doesn't require much time to integrate their products into your workspace.Take for example hr balanced scorecard.Human resources (hr) are the most critical asset of any organization.With a sound HR metrics program, HR management can make business decisions that are based on cold facts rather than “gut feeling”, and use the exact figures to back up business cases and requests for resource.The organizational leadership may benefit from periodical HR assessment if it employs HR methodology to identify the main areas of improvement in its human capital.HR Metrics Balanced Scorecard is a tree of HR metrics and believe me,it will help you.Also take a look at balanced scorecard software.Balanced Scorecard Designer (BSC Designer) is a brand-new Balanced Scorecard design software that helps with building Balanced Scorecards for business performance management purposes.Balanced Scorecard Designer has a plain, easy to use interface, which provides user with:Possibility to create scorecard,Balancing function and Performance measurement and calculation functions.Last,the sales kpi.This is a Sales Balanced Scorecard for Excel that describe the sales machine in company. These metrics will help to measure and evaluate the performance and quality of sales department, compare one sale team against another, providing additional information for benchmarking. Such a sales kpi system will make it easier to manage sales department providing company leaders with an easy to use dashboard with correct sales-related indicators.
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