July 21, 2007

Blog Network

I have been online for almost one year.When I started to use the Internet I did what everybody usually does in the beggining.I got an email account for my self,I was reading the news,watching videos on Youtube and chatting.That was all I did.Then I found some posts and articles where people claimed to earn money online.I just couldn't believe it.I though that only big companies like Microsoft could make money online.Simple users would never make it!Anyway ti signed up for a blog and wrote a few posts.Then I placed some ads from Adsense.I saw that everybody was trying to make money this way.But after 3 months and no money at all I just got disapointed and started to search for another way to make some money.So I found the best blog network.A place where I would get paid to blog.A place where I can choose what to post and how often to post.The name of the site was Pay Per Post and I like it so much.Finally I have the chance to make some money online and work from home.What I like most is that now I can choose the day and the time when I will work.Also they have better payments from the other networks.Almost all the money I earn I spent them on my computer.I buy different parts and try to upgrade it and make it faster.Thanks to PayPerPost I don't ask any more money from my parents!