April 18, 2007

Loan Solutions

According to some sources, the next six or seven years will see more than 1 million homeowners losing their homes to foreclosure -- but wherever consumers stand in their pursuit of the American dream of homeownership, they can take action to improve their situation, according to Andrew Housser, co-CEO of Bills.com (www.bills.com), a free online consumer portal.
Bills.com is a unique company and they were built from the ground up with one goal: to help you. You will see on their site the mantra: Find, Learn, Save. That is fundamentally what they do, to help you learn about the confusing world of personal finance and let you take those resources to help save you money.All of the Founders of Bills.com are graduates of Stanford Business School who have built world-class consumer financial services companies grounded in strong ethics and in providing value to our customers. This experience includes Freedom Financial Network, a business started to save consumers money by helping them get out of pressing debt problems. The pedigree of their team is only minimally significant, what's much more important is our passion for helping consumers Learn about financial issues and Save money by Finding the best solutions.Just visit free online consumer portal Bills.com