April 18, 2007

Canadian Mortage Brokers

You can buy any house in Canada with $0 down payment.Yes,that's right. Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Anywhere in Canada!MyCanadaMortage.com can help you. They are an energetic group of Canadian Mortgage Brokers and Loan Consultants dedicated to helping you. They are committed to offering high-quality service, not only for one transaction-but for a lifetime.You don't need to save up a large down payment to buy a house, they can help you purchase your first home or investment property with no down payment and interest rates as low as 4.95%.Because interest rates have been at all time lows, you can lower your house payment and save tens of thousands of dollars of interest, put money in your pockets or pay off high interest debt.Their services are free of charge and they will work hard to find you the best interest rates and mortgage programs that work for your pocket book and not for the bank. They have years experience with these programs and lenders. Last but not least, they will be 100% honest with you. If you qualify, we will work hard for you, if you don't qualify at the time, they will work to get you to that level.