April 19, 2007

Finding TV Shows With Blinkx

Blinkx, the world's largest video search engine, today introduced a revolutionary tool for finding full-length TV programs on the Web. blinkx Remote, available at www.blinkx.com, leverages blinkx's unique speech to text transcription and indexing technology, to quickly identify full-length TV shows by season and episode. In addition, blinkx Remote corroborates search results with information from trusted online sources, including Wikipedia and IMDB.com, to provide users with the most accurate TV search results available anywhere.
The amount of professionally produced video online has exploded in recent months, as an increasing number of networks and entertainment companies are making content legally available on the Internet. With its index of over seven million hours of online video, reaching the widest variety of sources on the Web, blinkx Remote is the most effective tool for finding this long-form content, wherever it resides.