February 15, 2009

Best Advertising Methods

Be honest
You need to always be honest with your customers. They will find out if you even so much as stretch the truth.

Use direct mail for a targeted campaign
Direct mail is a proven marketing method. You can also use mail as a way to send out coupons or special deals to a select group of customers.

Use an email campaign to its fullest potential
Make sure that email campaign you run has your link in it and plenty of information to allow the recipient to know what you are selling. Also do not forget to ask for the sale.

Place an ad in a target market magazine
Magazine advertising can be very expensive, but it is also very effective. Choose where you advertise carefully. Make sure that you choose a magazine that is a prime choice of your target market.

Write articles
Articles are a great way to get your name out there. They can be used online and offline to let people know who you are and to provide your URL so people can check out your website.

Place newspaper ads in local papers
Local papers should not be ruled out when you are advertising. You’d be surprised at how many people read the newspaper every week and make purchases depending upon what they find there.

Develop an online newsletter
Online newsletters are quite popular. You should develop a newsletter for your website. You can share your expertise and let people know about what you are selling. In addition it will allow you to connect with your customers.

Participate in online chats
Getting into online chats allow you to share what you know without being preachy or flaunting your knowledge too much. Chats expose you to a wide range of people and give you a chance to get recognized.

Become a member of various message boards
Message boards are great because, like chats, they allow you to interact with others. However, message boards also allow you to have profile and signature lines which are great ways to promote your business.

Use email and message board signature lines
Signature lines are the perfect spot to give a little information about you. They allow you to put a little teaser to get people to your website. You can usually put a link in a signature line, but be sure not to sell in message board signature lines because it could get you in trouble.

Place ads on bulletin boards
You can use both online and offline bulletin boards. This is a great way to just add a little boost to your marketing and grab the attention of people who may not see your ads elsewhere.

Create business cards
Business cards are amazing tools. You should always carry them with you so you can hand them out easily. Whenever someone asks for your number or some other information offer one up.

Try out a spot on the radio
Talk radio is quite popular and a great way to get your voice heard. You can try for a guest spot or even just call in. Make sure you get your name on the air and try to squeeze in your business name and URL.

Develop a telemarketing campaign
Telemarketing, no matter how disliked, is still a very effective marketing tool. It is a wonderful way to sell that you can do yourself, so it is cost effective, too.

Run television ads
Television ads are expensive, but well worth it. If you can afford to run a television advertising campaign then do it and you will see maximum benefits.

Participate in a link exchange
Exchanging links is a great idea because linking is part of the criteria search engines use to rank websites. Just be careful to choose high quality sites to link up with.

Put your contact number in the yellow pages
The yellow pages are a great place to get noticed. Put your business number and your website there for maximum benefit.

Use precise wording
Make sure any advertising that you write is worded precisely and clearly. You want people to understand what you are selling and why they should buy it.

Make up a good brochure
Brochures are very cost efficient as marketing tools. They allow you to provide a large amount of information to your consumer, too. They are also quite effective.

Install confidence
In order to get a person to buy something from you they have to be able to believe in you. People will not buy from someone who they do not believe in because they can not trust them.

Be an expert
Experts make people feel secure. As an expert you will have an authority that makes people think whatever you say is a good idea. It makes it much easier to sell.

Use promotional items
Promotional items can be given away as freebies or sent with orders. They make great marketing tools because people will use them and others will see them. It is advertising without effort.

Give away freebies
People love free stuff. That is a fact. They flock to where they get something for free. You give away something for free and you will see a rise in website traffic and in sales.

Hand out bumper stickers
Bumper stickers are an amazing way to advertise. They are very cost effective and something you can give away. People will slap them on their bumpers and you get advertising wherever they drive.

Get your name out there
You need to get your name out there so people start to recognize you. The more you are recognized the more you become known. The more people know who you are the better chance you will have of selling them something.
Be professional
Always remain professional in everything you do. Anything that represents you or your business needs to be professionally done and presented. Professionalism helps people to trust you and believe in you.

Keep things simple
You never want to overwhelm anyone with your marketing efforts. You also do not want to make things confusing. Advertising should be straight forward and simple to understand.

Avoid flash
Do not be flashy. People see flash as a way to make up for a not so good product. Let what you are selling stand up for itself. Flashy things get ignored. Good things get bought.

Grab attention
The only way to ever sell anything is to grab attention. You need to have a hook that makes people notice you.

Find a niche
Niche marketing is popular because it gives you a targeted market. It makes creating marketing tools easier and allows you to really focus your marketing efforts for maximum effect.