July 18, 2008

Google Adwords Editor

Google released version 6.0.1 of AdWords Editor. In response to user feedback, it's now possible to download performance statistics for selected campaigns and ad groups, instead of always downloading statistics for the whole account. Once you've installed version 6.0.1, you'll be able to download selected statistics by following these instructions.

Unlike last release, this update won't affect your comments or unposted changes.
As a result:

- You don't need to export an archive of your account. In the auto-update prompt, choose the 'Update without Backup' option.
- After you upgrade, your account will already be in the new version. You won't need to download your account again.

If you're already using AdWords Editor, you'll be prompted to upgrade automatically. You can also visit this website and click 'Download AdWords Editor.'

For more information about AdWords Editor, visit the Help Center.