October 25, 2007

Online Tutoring

The concept of education has taken a new dimension with the advent of online tutoring. Today kids, youth and adults want to get information on a click, instead of taking the pain of going to a library or referring plump books. India based TutorVista caters to this segment. TutorVista is being used in schools for supplemental education. It offers both in-school and after school coaching to students on one-on-one or one-to-many format using online collaborative tools. Corporate training can be made more interactive and interesting with TutorVista.
For $100 a month, students get unlimited help with various subjects like math and algebra. The company also provides preparation for major standardized tests. All the potential pupils need is a computer and Internet connection.TutorVista's mission is to provide world class tutoring and high-quality content to students around the world. TutorVista is the premier online destination for affordable education-anytime, anywhere, in any subject. Students access TutorVista from the convenience of their home or in school and use TutorVista's comprehensive lessons and question bank to master any subject with access to a live tutor around the clock. The TutorVista idea: help students to excel in school and at competitive examinations. The management team consists of professionals from education, training and Internet fields whose expertise spans eLearning, instructional design, technology-based learning, professional services management, and Internet technologies.
TutorVista is an online tutoring company that provides affordable tutoring and test preparation in the United States and United Kingdom. TutorVista uses technology to bring high-quality tutoring to the student's home and uses global education resources to makes tutoring affordable and convenient. TutorVista is the perfect solution to address problems like declining test scores, a shortage of teachers and lack of affordable supplementary education and test preparation.