June 15, 2007

Underfloor Heating

Looking for Underfloor Heating?All you need is Warm Floors Online.Underfloor heating provides an ideal air temperature profile in your room through the correct balance of radiant and convected heat.With traditional heating most of the heat is convected air, which rises making the ceiling a very warm and wasteful place. However 50% of warmth from electric underfloor heating is radiant heat allowing the floor to evenly distribute heat, which is absorbed by the people and objects in the room.Also the radiant heat from underfloor heating dramatically reduces the constant air circulation which causes cold drafts and dust.Radiators are an ugly nuisance which can take up valuable space in your room. They also cause discolouration and peeling of paintwork/wallpaper.Many people also place furniture in front of them which can block a great deal of the heat making them ineffective.Electric underfloor heating removes all these problems and allows you the freedom to design your interiors the way you see fit and not around your radiators.Electric underfloor heating requires no maintenance whatsoever. Unlike radiators and traditional underfloor heating that use water pipes and are prone to leakage and break downs, our floor heating products are fully electric and give you peace of mind through excellent reliability.Electric underfloor heating systems carry a mere 3mm thickness and make no impression on floor height whatsoever.Radiators are considerable dust collectors and give off ideal moisture levels to support dust mites.Electric underfloor heating removes any chance of dust mites with zero moisture content and no dust collection. This will provide welcome news for asthma sufferers.It has been proven that electric underfloor heating makes an energy saving of 15-40% on traditional heating systems so there is nothing to loose!