June 15, 2007

New Social Site

Anew social networking site has been launched.Founded by Martin Clifford, a Web 1.0 multimillionaire who's back for round two, wis.dm aims to bring more depth and intelligence to online social networking. Unlike the most popular networking sites, which are more about narcissism (why else would you post 29 pictures of yourself?) and passive voyeurism (guess who your ex is dating now?!) the best way to enjoy wis.dm is to dive in and start asking and answering questions. And unlike Facebook and its ilk, wis.dm is fun to use even if you don't know anyone else on it.Clifford spent a year in Barbados before moving to Cambridge, Mass., to launch wis.dm with some $5 million in venture funding. (The "dm" domain name comes from Dominica, where the site is registered.)Anyone can post queries, which range from the political ("Is ballistic fingerprinting an invasion of privacy?") to matters of taste ("Do you put Parmesan cheese on your pizza?") to pure fluff ("Did you have a tree house when you were little?"). The only catch is that your post must be answerable with either a yes or no — sorry wafflers, you're out of luck. The site keeps a public log of every question you ask, answer or post a comment to. It also lets you see who you are most compatible with based on your answers to all those questions. The most inquisitive wis.dm members post hundreds of questions a day, for which they earn points and a chance to make the "leaderboard."