March 13, 2007

U-DOO By WireFly

People who likes avatars will l0ve U-DOO by Wirefly.They offer a fun service that allows you to build custom Avatars, select a message for the characters to speak and send the finished products to a cell phone, to a friend via email or to a MySpace account. The talking characters can then be set to function as custom ringtones.It works with the most of cell phone models.
Cell phone personalization features have just been taken to new, cool heights by U-DOO by Wirefly. With U-DOO, users can custom-build some fun talking Avatars, download them to their cell phone or email them to their friends, and have them appear and speak their cheeky messages as custom ringtones.
I tried their service and I have to admit that's it's fun.You can choose the face of your avatar,the size of the mouth,lips,nose,hair,skin,weight,height,clothes and many more!After that you can add some audio by phone,by text or prerecorded.Finally you can send the Avatar you just created to a Phone,publish to MySpace or send it to a friend.Be creative and have fun.