March 9, 2007

Free Multiplayer Games has launched a free multiplayer gaming console.You can play free games,have your own avatar and also chat with other members.Some of the games are:Swordfish,Avatars,Egypt Quest,Iron Side and Space Dhoom. allows players to play single or multiplayer casual games online, in real time, with friends, family and other gamers from all around the world! This version is totally free and we welcome you to sign-up and play!
The beta test version is the first version of their service provided to a small sample of users. This version is totally free but is not a finished product. Many features, languages and options have not been included and will be forthcoming in the future commercial release.The idea is to bring together leading casual games with 3D avatars, social networking and an item-based economy to reshape the way community games are played.You can choose from a wide range of gorgeous content and persona options while keeping in touch with their friends and accumulating possessions, all within our safe, secure gaming environment.
If you like multiplayer games just go and sign up.