March 21, 2007

How PPC Works

PPC works like this:
  • You open an account on the PPC website. In the normal scheme of things, you lodge money into your account which you will use to bid on keywords. However, in this ebooklet you'll discover that there are many PPC's that actually give you bidding money when you open an account.
  • You log in to the account administration area where you can place bids on keywords (or phrases) of your choice so that, when someone searches for those keywords, your site will show up on or near the top of the results. If you sell a joke ebook on your site, you would bid on keywords and phrases like 'joke', 'jokes', 'joke book', etc.
  • Bidding on a keyword or phrase usually starts at $0.01. After that it's up to you to decide how much you're willing to pay to achieve a particular ranking in the results. For example, the top-ranked result for the keyword 'jokes' may cost $0.20. That's quite expensive for just one visitor. However, the sixth ranked position may only cost $0.02. By being ranked 6th, your traffic will arrive a little more slowly, but it WILL arrive and it only costs you 2 cents instead of 20. (See below for information on deciding how much you should be willing to pay for your visitors).
  • The amount you bid on a given keyword is subtracted from your account balance every time someone clicks on your listing in the results.
  • There is usually no limit to the number of keywords you can bid on.
  • PPC's usually offer incentive to webmasters to put their search box on their website, so your listing can be accessed from literally thousands of websites.