March 21, 2007

Blog and Ping

The blog and ping strategy is a tool. It is like a hammer that drives the nails but without
backlinks & pagerank (the nails) you’re just smacking dry wood…
You don’t need to blog and ping to get indexed fast. This is a huge myth that has been
perpetuated by blog software pushers. It’s all a bunch of over-marketed crap whose
time is quickly passing. All you need is back-links on established websites with a PR1 or
higher (the higher the better) to get that fast crawling and indexing you’re after.
The hours you spend setting up blogs and blog networks and generating niche portal
sites with 1000s of pages & the monetary reward you get is peanuts compared to the
same amount of time spent creating niche sites with 5 – 10 pages and generating oneway
relevant backlinks.
That’s what this game is all about… Making the most amount of money in the shortest
amount of time, right?
If you are a member of any of the search engine forums, webmaster forums or any
other marketing forum there is always a group of people who hang around the blog and
ping complaining about how their Adsense pages are only making a buck or two &
quietly building, building & building and seeing nothing of significance in return.
It’s time to change the way you think about getting indexed… Move away from the
methods that are tirelessly posted by others & start thinking like a search engine thinks.
This is the only strategy that will survive! Stop using strategies that have a limited shelf
life. Use strategies that genuinely contribute to the quality of the search engines and
you will be rewarded with long term income that keeps growing year after year.
If you fail to consider the search engines first, then all of your work will eventually be
flushed down the toilet. So why not do things right from the start and have your pages
grow naturally and enjoy steady growth year after year?
Move away from blog and ping and other unnatural methods as your initial focus on
getting you sites crawled and indexed. The strategy detailed here renders it completely
unnecessary and is search engine friendly. You can spend 2 hours gaining good PR
backlinks and get more bang than 1,000 blogs, blogging and pinging for a month.