August 11, 2011

Wine Club

Hemispheres Wine Club is a membership based wine club in Canada offering an entire world of undiscovered international wines. With a wine club membership you receive bottles of extraordinary quality crafted by meticulous wine makers devoted to bringing the best out of each grape varietal.

Their wine club expert goes directly to the wineries on your behalf, stands with the winemaker, and tastes them all. At all of their wine club membership levels you’ll receive more than top quality wine; you’ll gain a deep appreciation for every detail of the bottle you’re about to open. Hemispheres Wine Guild is a subscription based co-operative focused on buying and supplying unique and difficult to obtain premium bottled wines from around the world at excellent prices. To their wine club Canada members they provide quality wines, education and specialty wine based experiences at high levels of member service. As a Canadian wine club, quite frankly, bringing wine into Canada can be a very difficult process given the laws established by each provincial liquor control board. As a result, there are many unique and premium wines from around the world that people have very limited access to.

Their wine club in Canada opens the world of wine to their members. Hemispheres Wine Guild in Canada provides four wine club memberships levels, each catering to a different type of wine lover. If you require help selecting a wine club membership in Canada, click for more information below or contact us directly. All memberships are fully inclusive of shipping, insurance and Hemispheres Wine Guild member services. There are NO surprises.