September 29, 2010

Google Keyword Tool Final

Google announced that the updated Keyword Tool was nearing the end of its beta phase. Now they’ve fully launched the new Keyword Tool.

What does that mean for you? It means combined best features from two previous keyword tools into one. The previous Keyword Tool and Search-based Keyword Tool are no longer available in AdWords. The updated Keyword Tool is now the only Keyword Tool available in AdWords, so you can now simply call it “The Keyword Tool.”

The Keyword Tool’s benefits include:

* Flexible search options: Search by any combination of keyword, website/URL, and category (where available) and receive a single set of results.
* Easy Keyword Refinement: Filter results by word or keyword match type.
* Negative keywords: Easily add keyword ideas as negatives right from your keyword list. Just click on a keyword and use the drop-down menu to select and save your negative keyword.
* Advanced options: View statistics for mobile search and use data filters based on local searches, search and ad share, and more.

Yu can also access the tool without signing in.