September 1, 2009

Blogging and RSS

Blogs have been around for a few years but are starting to make their way into the business and marketing world. Because they are just starting to go mainstream, now is the time to catch the wave.

It's called first mover advantage when you are ahead of the crowd...and now is time to be a first mover in this space. Search engines are now creating separate indexes and directories for Blogs and RSS Feeds. You can get listed at or near the top of these directories if you act now, and you will get free traffic from these high rankings in these directories.

It would be like knowing all about search engines and how Google ranked your site 5 years ago. This will be a huge advantage for many reasons: You can get free traffic, better search engine rankings, and repeat targeted visitors hungry and ready to buy your services and products, etc...

This technology is just beginning to explode. RSS usage is doubling every month.

Why should you care? This is the hottest new technology since the web browser! It is going to change the way people get information on line forever! This means that the window of opportunity to make a huge financial impact is now! (We’ve been in the technology field for over 10 years & this is revolutionary).

A lot of people right now don't have a clue what an RSS Feed or Blog are. They've either heard rumblings about them, or they've seen those little Orange RSS or XML buttons showing up on websites everywhere.

If you're like most people, you might have clicked on one of those website buttons and ended up with a page full of code that looks a lot like html code...what the heck is this stuff?

XML, RDF, RSS, Atom, Syndication Feeds, Feed Aggregator, Validators, News Feeds, web Feeds, site Feeds...what do all of these terms mean? Truly this is really very simple. These are just some of the different formats & terms vying for mass acceptance. Don't get caught up in the terminology.

When you click on those little buttons you don’t get a readable message in your web browser. This is confusing...You may not understand what that code does. At first pass you may be inclined to say: "This is not for me! This only applies to the Propeller Heads, Programmers or the big websites; this is not for my little website or market!" Wrong!

Feeds could have a huge impact on your income, your subscription count, links to your site, your search engine organic rankings and your site traffic! And you can get a feed for no cost.

Here’s a few reasons why you should do it now:

1) Feeds are not just for techies, you can have one for your website in less than 10 minutes, but utilizing blogger and feedburner
2) Having a feed could literally explode your site traffic, and the search engine love rss Feeds, hence dramatically increasing your site rankings
3) You can get your message, news, posts, sales letters, etc. put on your users desktop, without all the hassles from the spam filters and email blockers
4) Search Engines Love Feeds & Blogs, especially Yahoo and Google

RSS Feeds were initially used online by the news media; newspapers like the Wall Street Journal use RSS Feeds. Now you can have your very own feed. Think of an RSS Feed as your opportunity to start your own Broadcasting Empire Online For No Cost. RSS is a way to "syndicate" your message.

Syndication = Traffic = Money

An RSS Feed is a way to broadcast your message directly to your target market. This is a way to stay in front of your clients and prospects and deliver your message. You can do this in the time that it takes to write an email.

RSS Feeds have now gone Mainstream and Everyone is rushing to this new technology. The Masses Are Coming Fast.

I personally have been using RSS Feeds & Blogs for over 2 years for my websites, and for my clients’ websites and the results are amazing. I get more subscribers, make more sales, get more site traffic at no cost, and our search engine rankings are almost always near the top for our chosen keywords.

It does not matter what you are selling or promoting, RSS Feeds work for any broad or niche market! RSS Feed usage is doubling in usage every month, and people are subscribing to them in droves. Search engines are indexing them at a rapid rate and creating new list directories... Do you want to be listed or left behind? Get your hands on this new technology now before your competitors do.

Now, let me tell you about the power of Blogs and how it works synergistically with RSS Feeds.

Blogs have been around for a few years. Most people are not sure what a blog is exactly. A Blog is a way for people to write messages and instantly have those messages appear on a website. Blogs have had a lot of exposure lately due to the political elections.

Blogs can be used to put opinions, thoughts, sales messages, promotions, product announcements, relevant issue topics, tips, anything you can think of writing can be put in a Blog. Blogs now can carry even pictures, audio, and video.

A Blog is a way for people to do what is commonly called "push button publishing". Can you push a button? Sure you can...that means you can create a Blog. Google owns a Blog company; which should tell you how important this is. It is super easy to create a Blog, anyone can do this in about 5 minutes.

Why would you want to do this? I can think of over 20 reasons, but I’ll share 6 reasons now why you should have one:

  • You can create a personal "voice" for your business online.
  • You can create & continue discussions online with your target market
  • Search Engines Love Blogs, especially Google because it owns Blogger
  • People will link to your site because of your blog (think Viral Marketing)
  • You can soft sell your products easily due to a trust factor that your blog creates, because it has specific relevant content
  • Your blog becomes a destination site because of the content that your visitors create for you.
Blogs have given me more business than I could ever tell you. The problem with most Blogs is that they are not done properly. A poorly thought out Blog can deliver the wrong message and drive customers away. You need to know how to write a proper business blog. It does not matter if you are just starting a website, have a home based business, or are a small or large company: Blogs Work! & You Need To Have One!

So you are site does not need a blog...what could I, my prospects, or customers possibly have to discuss? I know a lady who has a successful online business and writes a great Blog on Jewelry Beads! Come on now..., if she can write a blog on jewelry beads, you can surely write one about your business or website.

Even if you are not a writer, you can do this if you can write an email.

There are over 3 million Blogs online as of this writing. However, only a tiny percentage are being used to increase business & site traffic online. This is great news for you. You can easily do this and blow your competition away, get tons of traffic and increase your sales immediately.

I’ll let your subconscious think about that for a moment, but for now, let me share with you the top 10 reasons why your business must have an RSS Feed & Blog. This will be critical to your business getting more visitors, customers, higher search engine rankings and profits.

Top Ten Reasons You NEED a RSS Feed & Blog

  1. It costs nothing- and delivers great results
  2. A Blog makes you an authority in your niche
  3. Readers return to your site to read your blog
  4. Your blog info is put on your subscribers’ desktop- instant communication via RSS
  5. Your site content pages grow with every post (search engines love this)
  6. Blog pages get ranked higher by the search engines
  7. RSS directories get you listed & deliver traffic at no cost.
  8. Your blog and feed make it easy for other websites to link to you
  9. You can monetize your blog and RSS Feed and make additional revenue streams
  10. Your competition will do it eventually. Do it now and be the leader and build your audience now, before your competition does!
  11. This is the new future of online marketing.
  12. RSS Feeds are indexed by the search engines almost immediately.
Sorry, I couldn’t stop at just 10 reasons. There’s so much more in course.

I hope I have given you enough reasons to make the decision to move forward. If you choose not to do this, you will be kicking yourself down the road. You have a true advantage and window of opportunity if you act now. Grab it before it slips away, or better yet, do it before your competition does.

We’re on the brink of the Biggest Media Revolution in history. You now know more than you did a week ago. But are you willing to do anything with this knowledge? Or are you just going to let your competitors slip you by and again miss the NEXT Big Wave of internet profits? You’re still at the forefront to take advantage of this massive tidal wave of free targeted traffic. Now, is the time to Take Action!

Learn the necessary steps to set up your Blogs, get your websites indexed, ping the major search engines, create RSS Feeds to syndicate your site content, submit your Blogs and site Feeds to the top major blog and rss directories, and drive free traffic to your sites. I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. Blogs & RSS Feeds is going to be HUGE! Newsweek did not have the topic of Blogs on their front cover for nothing.

Every day you wait is a day that you are falling behind your competition and losing the website traffic you could be getting for Free!

Here’s a partial list of some sites I think must have RSS Feeds:

-Information & news sites
-Subscription sites
-Sites with members’ database for new product releases and updates
-Coupon, bargain, and special discount sites
-Stock Trading sites
-Gift sites
-Niche sites
-Ecommerce sites
-Gaming sites
-and the list goes on and on…

Basically, everyone with an online business will need to implement RSS Feeds. Sending emails to your members and clients will no longer be effective anymore. Emails get blocked by spam filters and different ISP’s. They are really strict on bulk and mass email. Hence, even if you are sending out legitimate emails to your members’ list, from the people who ‘double –opt in’ on your email list, they too will no longer be effective. Your message or announcements could end up in their ‘bulk box’ which would be instinctually be deleted with their other spam emails, or never reach your members at all. You will lose a lot of your business’s revenue.

Don't put this off another day...start your Blog, generate your RSS Feeds, syndicate your site content to the world, and track your site traffic sales. Get the necessary training you need to cut down on the time you will waste trying to figure out what to do. The information that took me over 9 months to research, test, and write is so powerful that by just applying one strategy, you can literally see an immediate increase in your business’ traffic, compared to the traditional wait of 3-4 months for the search engines to crawl a site.