January 19, 2009

Social Bookmarking Sites List

Social Bookmarking Resources:

Social Services that can "Manage Bookmarks" (batch editing)

BlinkList - PR6 - BETA Web 2.0 style interface using Tags and Ajax in page

Chipmark - PR5 -  by a group of Computer Science students[info] Open source social bookmarks using folders and labels.

Connectedy - PR5 - Text based interface Social bookmarks using Folders.

Connotea - PR7 - Open source for academics, research, entrepeise social bookmarks using tags. Update! Complete update, faster page load, new UI... Added automazicaly import blog citations. Tag suggestions. Search user, tag, my bookmarks, via google.

del.icio.us - PR8 - By Joshua Schachter and acquired by Yahoo. Clever text based using Tags. Homepage now shows Hotlist updated every hour.

Diigo - PR6 - Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff." Web 2.0 style text-based interface, bookmarks and annotation using Tags . The toolbar gives highlight and blogging support.

Feed Me Links - PR4 - Social Bookmarks using Tags

Furl - PR8 -  "File URL" by Looksmart. Social Bookmarks using tags.

KMFavorites - PR5 - "Keep My Favorites" BETA. With public bookmarks using tags.

LinkaGoGo - PR5 - by Henry van den Broek. Bookmarks with a tabbed interface using keywords and folders, has side many tools. Basic (up to 5000 bookmarks.), Plus and Premium version. Social bookmarks show usernames but there is no way to link to a user.

Lookmarks - PR4 - by Adam Text based interface with many format support and playlisting.

Ma.gnolia - PR6 - by Gnolia Systems and Happy Cog. Web 2.0 style community driven social bookmarks using Tags. Update! Mail and discussions are now possible.  

Netvouz - PR6 - "interNET rendezVOUZ" Social bookmark manager using tags and folders. 

RawSugar - PR4 - Web 2.0 style social search engine with Clustered tagging.
Update! Advanced BlogSync integration. in page copy and edit.

Simpy - PR0 - Social Bookmarks and notes using Tags with a Text-based interface. 
Update!: import users from de.lirio.us as it will shut down.

Spurl - PR6 - For SPecial URL. Web 2.0 style interface using Tags and Folders. Uses Zniff as search engine.

Unalog - PR5 - Text based interface using Tags.

Social Bookmarks:
i89.us - PR3 - Social bookmarks using tags with tabbed interface.

AllMyFavorites.net - PR4 - Social bookmarks using folders and thumbshots.

Backflip - PR6 -  Social bookmarks using folders.

BibSonomy - PR1 - Social bookmarks and public ations using tags with a text based interface.

blabb.com - PR0 - Web2.0 style Public bookmarking and aggregator where everybody can submit.

Blogmarks.net - PR6 - by BmTeam. Web 2.0 style Social Bookmarks with Thumbshots. 
Updated Network and interface has been redesigned.

BmAccess - PR4 - Web 2.0 style Social bookmarks using tags and folders with thumbshots.

BookmarkTracker - PR5 - Bookmarks using folders and public directory.

Public Bookmarks:

30daytags.com - PR5 - People powered search that last 30days. Public can Submit, Tag and rate web sites.

6-clicks - PR2 - Lets you publicly bookmark with a keyword (or phrase) for later retrieval without registering. Registering with create your user bookmarks page.

Internet Archive - PR8 - The biggest Non profit Public virtual library archiving collections in digital format. Categorized by media type (Webpages , texts, audio, moving images, software.) and using keywords, gives the possibility to bookmark. In parallel, Archive-it.org is an a subscription service including several National Libraries and Archives around the world to create web collections.

Listible - PR2 - Web 2.0 style service using tags. For listing and voting, where voting (+/-) sorts each items, so the most '+voted' links are at the top of the page. Different from digg-style, the comments are for the hole list.

Listerlister: Same system as Listible! without commenting but has moderation.

Reddit - PR6 - Social Bookmarks with rating, Network and categories using sub-domains, exists in 23 languages. Also listed user Digg-style. Like digg, resort higher rated items but also lets you send a message while submitting.

Schoopy Links - PR3 -  Online classroom organizer including a link manager, Q&A, quizz, files, assignments and messages.

Supr.c.ilio.us - PR6 - Alpha. Web 2.0 style Public social bookmarks listed in rating order. 

SWiK - PR7 - The Open Software Wiki, Web 2.0 style community driven resource for open source software using Tags, Ajax and Textile markup. Users get their own page where they can add a wiki, a blog, feeds and bookmarks.

TagTooga - PR5 - Web 2.0 style Social Tag based Internet directory with many features and format support.