January 1, 2009

The Money Is In The List

I'm not talking about standard list building. I'm talking about selling websites for more than you ever thought was possible. The best part of this is that it's easy to do!
But you will need to spend a small amount of time and money developing this list. You will need an autoresponder, I use and and you will also need a very simple website and Squeeze page.
We are going to do just like any other good Internet Marketer does, build a mailing list of people we can sell to.

A list of people who are proven to buy websites!

It's a simple concept, you find targeted buyers, get them to sign up to your email list and sell your websites to them. This is very simple but powerful stuff.
I haven't seen anyone else doing this before which is why I love it. I have got to admit that finding these buyers and getting them to sign up to your email list can be quite difficult. You see... I'm not looking for a list of people who I think are buying websites, I only want people who I know buy websites and have bought them from me before!

Finding Targeted Website Buyers

Here is how I use this for MASSIVE success. Simply build a whole range of small 10 page unique content websites, outsource this if you have the money to invest, typically you will pay less than $60 for a site like this built.

Simply fly over to the two biggest marketplaces, Sitepoint and Digital Point Forums and post these for sale. If the site is good you should expect to sell the site for between $50-100. Some sites will do better than others. Make sure you send your buyer to a custom squeeze page after they pay you and get them to sign up to your updates list or newsletter. Rinse and Repeat.
Before you know it you will have collected, 20, 50, 100, 250 leads maybe more once you afford to outsource the process. The beauty is that this is completely hands free and you basically get paid to collect leads.

My list currently has just over 100 responsive buyers on it which is plenty as 25% of them always make me an offer for the sites I email them about.

Money speaks much louder than words. Help someone make money and they will respect you and buying your products (or sites on this occasion) will be a complete no-brainier.

With these unique sites it is impossible for someone to loose money. The search engines love unique content especially when it's on a nice niche content site.
The important thing is that you never stop collecting leads and contacts. I try and add a few new leads to my email list a week. Everything is outsourced, I just spend 30 minutes a week listing the sites for sale on different marketplaces.

The Best Way To Sell To These People

I just send a very simple email to the list, something like...

Hi Joe, I have been working on an awesome new content website this week. This site is jam packed with unique content, best of all the articles were written by an expert in the field. You don't want to miss out on this site, you can find the sales page for the site here... http://www.MySalesThread.com

It's very simple and basic. It encourages the reader to click the link and checkout what I am offering them. I try to keep the link above the fold to make sure everyone clicks the link.
The link in the email needs to go to where you are selling the sites, this can be at Sitepoint, Digital Point, eBay or on your own website. I have a Wordpress site that I use to list and sell the sites, when I run an auction people bid in the comments' area and if it's just a BIN price that I have set I add a PayPal order button which can be used to buy the site. Once the site is sold the PayPal button is removed immediately.

I don't like having to rely on any site that I don't own. I can't trust any of the big marketplaces to be there in 5-10 years but I know that my small list of buyers will still be buying sites.
But if your still growing your list and have less than 100 people on your list then you need to list the site on an marketplace that is already getting traffic and qualified buyers who you can sell to as well. With only a few people on your list the competiticompetition isn't going to be strong enough and you might not even sell the site.

People want to see your sites selling for big bucks!

If people see your sites selling – and selling well – they are not going hesitate to place an offer for your site. Getting repeat buyers is very good it will help build trust with people who haven't yet bought sites from you. If they see someone else is making money from the sites it often shows them how easy it would be for them to do exactly the same and make a stack of hundred dollar bills. Simple selling works, no hard sell, no big promotion, no hype.

I have spoken for to long. I could speak about this way of selling websites all night but I know your time is very valuable so I have tried to squeeze everything in without any fluff or unnecessary content. I know your head will be spinning with ideas by now. There are loads of ways you can add your own unique spin to this idea and I really recommend that you do.
Follow this method and your sites will sell.
No question about it... this is a tactic that should be used much more, you can sell your sites for double, triple or even quadruple what you would usually be able to sell them for by following the methods have talked about.
Start building a list now, once you get 10 people on your list you will start to see good results, when you have 100+ site buyers on your list you will be blown away by the results you will see.