December 20, 2008

Choosing Keywords

If you want to make money online your going to need to do some keyword research. It’s an important part of the whole website building/development process.

There are a few keyword tools out there that you can use which include…

The best are Wordtracker and Google. Both are excellent tools however the sheer amount of data Google has access to is why I generally use it over Wordtracker’s. First things first: make sure you select your geographic market. It is English, US by default. Great money can be made by developing sites for less served markets however finding buyers for these types of sites is quite a bit more difficult too. I recommend topics with a search popularity of between 40,000-200,000/mo if you are building a niche site.

Now the second part and almost as important is how good your keywords are at the end of the day. By this I mean, when you flip your website, is you buyer going to make any money from the site or all the visitors just going to be crap earning your buyer 2 cents for every 1000 visits he/she receives.

Pricing data is supposedly better if you sign up with Google AdWords and login, then you use the link. I already use and love Adwords but if you don’t want to you don’t need to bother really.

Again, Google has so much data on their hands their tool is my favourite place for insights.

Google Traffic Estimator Tool

Select popular keywords, find the variants which will generate more revenue for the site owner and you are well on your way to the perfect niche site to flip!