August 22, 2008

Totally Free Domain Name Registration

I know that you have seen many times the phrase completely free domain registration, and I know that you are tired of the scams and the stupid domains like and etc.
But I'm talking about totally free .com domain names here.
In case you don't know it, you can can get a free domain from It can be anything you want: com, net, org, biz or info.

What's the catch? Well, you get the domain for free only for the first year. After that, if you want to renew it, you will have to pay $35 to
Also you must have a credit card but they don't charge it.

But from the other hand, you can get free domains and use them only for one year.
Or you can let them expire, and register the domain from another site like GoDaddy for only $10 a year.

Anyway, I got a domain for me called and you can go and take one here.

Don't forget to chack the little box that says:
"...certify that you are an owner or a decision maker for a Small Business."