January 23, 2008

Swiss-Sun Real Estate

Switzerland has restricted the acquisition of real estate by foreigners for decades. In principle, all foreigners who wish to acquire Swiss residential real estate must obtain approval prior to their purchase, which will otherwise be invalid. Such approval is relatively difficult to obtain. These restrictions also mean that tax and estate planning options for foreigners wishing to acquire holiday homes in Switzerland is are very limited.For foreigners who hold a Swiss residence permit it is however possible to acquire real estate for their own personal use. Also the acquisition and holding of purely commercial real estate by foreigners no longer restricted in Switzerland.
Swiss-Sun Real Estate & Residency specialize in the sale of Property in Switzerland. Their presence in Switzerland and established contact base with local officials and real estate developers makes it easy for them to obtain all the necessary permits for people to buy or build their second home in Switzerland. The average turnaround time for obtaining all necessary permits to buy or build property in Switzerland for non-Swiss citizens is around 2 to 3 month.
They also specialize in obtaining Swiss Residency for people wishing to live in Switzerland for more than 6 month out of the year. Switzerland is not part of the E.U and makes for a stable and safe tax heaven for E.U and U.S Citizens.
They also have an exclusive portfolio of Chalets and Apartments in Swiss Ski Resorts as well as an established network of developers and land plots for the construction of custom chalets.