November 7, 2007

Home Loan

Modernlend is the first site to give you complete control over the use of your information when applying for a home loan online by letting you decide not just which lender you ultimately decide to go with, but which lenders have the privilege to compete for your business. When you apply for a home loan with Modernlend, they let you view and compare all the lenders that can offer the loan you are asking for. Each lender provides you with information about their programs. You can also review ratings for each lender created by people like you, who have previously selected the lender on their site.
Unlike other lending marketplaces, lenders pay Modernlend a fraction of the price they would pay on other sites to have access to this home loan network. Lenders save thousands by using Modernlend and pass these savings on to you when competing for your home loan.
Although other sites may let you rate your experience,Modernlend actually displays the results of your ratings to future borrowers to help them decide which lenders will compete for their home loan. If you are happy (or unhappy) with your experience, you can be sure that your voice is heard by future customers. Visit ModernLend and apply now for a home equity loan or home refinance.