August 19, 2007

Debt Settlement

If you need a fast way to Debt Relief,debt settlement is the fastest and least expensive option to get out of debt without filing bankruptcy. Also known as debt negotiation, debt settlement is an ambitious approach to debt reduction for debtors experiencing the strains of too much debt and has considered bankruptcy as an option.
Clear Debt Solution will negotiate debt settlements with your creditors. Your current level of unsecured debt will be skillfully negotiated for you by a team of professional negotiators. Essentially you will end up reducing your total debt up to 40-60%.
They will provide you with one low, affordable monthly payment. Based on your monthly budget, one of their debt analysts will be able to set you up with affordable payments considerably less than you're paying now. Each client receives their own personalized third party trust account to track and manage their funds.Once you have accumulated the necessary funds to settle with one of your creditors, they will immediately contact the creditor to inform them they are now representing you and your interest in settling the current debt with them. Reaching a settlement usually takes several phone calls and communication between Clear Debt Solution and the creditor.As soon as a settlement has been reached and agreed by you, they will secure the settlement offer in writing from the creditor. With your authorization the funds will be dispersed from your third party trust account to the creditor immediately and once the creditor receives the payment in full, you are free and clear of that debt forever. They will diligently continue to negotiate all of your debts until you have eliminated all of your debt in the program within 12-36 months.
Clear Debt Solution works on behalf of the clients, not the creditors. Their team of skilled negotiators has settled millions of dollars of unsecured debt for people just like you. With years of experience in the consumer credit industry, this company will help you navigate through these difficult times until you become financially free!