July 16, 2007

Merchant Accounts

There are many websites offering reviews of merchant accounts. Unfortunately, most of the websites will usually be one-sided, favoring one merchant account provider or an agent. If you are in the United States, you have hundreds of merchant account providers to choose from, and thousands of agents.But if you visit cardservicesales.com you will see that they have one of the best credit card services on the web.In order to process credit cards through your merchant account you need to decide which processing solution is the right for you.And I think that cardservicesales.com is the right solution.In case you don't know what a merchant account is,it's a special account that is setup for a business to accept and process credit card orders.After processing a customer's credit card,the transaction goes through a serie of complex stages.The money transferred through the merchant account are then deposited into the business checking account within 2-3 business days. If you register before July 12, 2007, you’ll receive a free merchant account! The freebies do not stop there. Not only you’ll have a free merchant account, you’ll be entitled for free credit card processing software, a free credit card terminal program, a free online sales tracking and reporting system, a free real time online credit card processing terminal and many more. As business owners, part of the objective of running a business is to reduce your costs so that you can stretch your profit margin. In fact, doing business online gives you this flexibility and by using CardServiceSales.com, this would definitely benefit you and your online business. Not only it simplifies collections, it saves time and also the fees applied for their services are low. Should you require a quote, you can use their online form to request your fees quote.Remember, they have 300,000 customers that prefers using CardServiceSales.com services.They must have a good reason for this!