July 1, 2007

Historical Option Data

Looking for historical option data?Just take a look at poweropt.com.Power Options is a very well known company who provide software, which allows people to view and analyze the stocks in the market. There is no such system else ware which allows you to do this, but Power Options have this system as they know it is important to find the latest stock details on a daily basis, and instead of looking in the large paper, having the information on the computer is much easier and convenient.For $39.95 a month, the site provides an advanced package that gives you ways to search out options based on nine different criteria, and even breaks down screening tools by strategy groups. PowerOptionsPlus also will shoot users strategy updates outlining ways to play market trends with individual options. The site's one shortfall is that its performance guarantee of making five times your subscription each month may make options seem too friendly for investors who should be treading more carefully across this market's terrain.There are many people who use their software and have found it very useful and helps them a lot, especially those who are on the run all the time, as all they need to do is check their computer and they have the latest information in front of them.