June 27, 2007

Online Backgammon

BackGammonMasters is a site where you can play backgammon online with other people from around the world. Not only is it the most famous backgammon site on the Internet but you can also play in tournaments for real money. Think you are a master at playing the game? Then this is the site to find out for real.Real-money players are abundant on this site, so you will never have a problem finding a table to play in. The site has a ranking system which ranks players according to their performance. Rakes are influenced by the rating of the players. To ensure a fairer level playing field, rakes are higher when there is a significant difference in the ranking of two opponents.
BackgammonMasters software is very user friendly and offers a range of special features including Manual/Automatic rolls, private play, Auto bear off, changing checker colors and many more. The board is designed in 3D style with a classic wooden exterior. BackgammonMasters offers you the convenience of playing Single Games, Match Games, Tourney's, Sit 'N' Goes and a special variant of Backgammon called Hypergammon. Other settings include the option to open a new table – a Single Game table or a Match Game table. New players always have the option of practising in the play-money section before they decide to move on to cash games
The friendly team at BackgammonMasters are always available to answer any queries or to assist you in making your time here both rewarding and fun.