June 3, 2007

Google Street View

After Google Maps here is something else that is going to amaze you.The name is Google Street View .Google
Earth has taken its maps to the kerbside, giving users the chance to do
a virtual walkthrough of a city's streets. This opens up new
possibilities for users, who will now be able to check out local
attractions and restaurants, identify local travel infrastructure, such
as bus stops, and even zoom in on street sign
s to help them make travel
ans before they even arrive!The
images are captured by  drivers with walkthroughs cameras mounted in their cars which trawled the city streets
taking photos.

360 degree "Street View " is planned for San Francisco Bay Area, New
York, Las Vegas, Denver and Miami initially.Plans are already in place
to expand the Street View further,although it is not yet clear when
European cities will get the Google Earth treatment.