May 5, 2007

Premier League ΄to sue YouTube΄

This is a new one.English football's Premier League is to sue the YouTube video clip sharing website for alleged copyright infringement, the BBC online reported on Saturday.The league's lawsuit said that YouTube, which is owned by Google, had "knowingly misappropriated and exploited this valuable property" by encouraging footage to be viewed on its site, the BBC said.
Last October, the Premier League wrote to YouTube, asking it to take down online material which it said infringed the legal rights of its partners and clubs.All I have to say is that all these are about money!Why the didn't do it one year ago,before Google would buy YouTube?They are doing this now because they know Google has billions of $!
In March, US media giant Viacom launched a billion dollar (736 million euro) lawsuit against YouTube, accusing it of illegally showing clips from its television shows.