May 24, 2007

New Flat Screen From Sony

Sony Corp. released video of the new 2.5-inch display Friday. In it, a hand squeezes a display that is 0.3 millimeter, or 0.01 inch, thick. The display shows color images of a bicycle stuntman and a picturesque lake.Although flat-panel TVs are getting slimmer, a display so thin that it bends in a human hand is a breakthrough.The new display blends two technologies: Sony’s organic thin film transistor, which is required to make flexible displays, and organic electroluminescent display.

There are also other companies are working on a different electonic paper displays.
The LG.Philips LCD 14.1-inch flexible color e-paper uses electronic ink from E Ink to produce a maximum of 4096 colors. It can be viewed from a full 180 degrees. Thus images when viewed on this 14.1-inch flexible color e-paper always appear to be crisp, even when the display is bent.