May 24, 2007

Joost Alternatives

If you didn't get my joost invitation or you want to try something else,here are some different choices:
ITV - Coming soon....


Channel 4 - Grand Designs, Desperate Housewives, Celebrity Big Brother, Wife Swap, Hollyoaks and Ugly Betty. It will also offer classic series such as Father Ted, Spaced and Drop the Dead Donkey as well as films including Howards End and The Perfect Murder.
To get started you need to download the 4oD software to your computer. Macs and older PCs aren't catered for.

Tiscali - It has a library of more than 500 movies including The Bourne Identity, the Bridget Jones films,Jarhead, United 93 and Children of Men. Also on offer are programmes from channels such as National Geographic, and sports events such as the British Open golf.