April 27, 2007

Internet Marketing Tools

If you read my blog you know that I love internet marketing tools.So,when I found Marketing Mule I thought that that's something I should write about.So what is Marketing Mule?It's a huge directory with all kinds of marketing tools like:Advertising,Affiliate Marketing,Search Engine Optimization,Email Marketing,Pay Per Click and many many more.For example take a look at Smart Page Generator.This tool will generate keyword rich pages that will work well with ranking in search engines and send targeted traffic to your website. The software is intended to save you time, creating pages for your website in minutes.With keyword specific pages your site will start to get targeted traffic, see an increase in sales from your website and even build bigger affiliate commissions on products you promote. Smart Page Generator would be a quick way to get websites up and running, with the opportunity to bring in more traffic and in turn increase your revenue.If you want to check the page rank from a website but you care about your privacy and you don't want to install Google toolbar,Live Pagerank is the right tool for you.And if you want to redirect your domains for affiliate purposes,all you need is Namestick.Trust me,Marketing Mule is full of great marketing tools.