April 13, 2007

Blogging Code of Conduct

Give me a break!The idea came in the wake of anonymous death threats posted on the blog of author and speaker Kathy Sierra.She is a friend of Tim O'Reilly.This guy realesed the first draft of rules of behaviour for online commentary!Ok,he is founder of Wikipedia but who thinks he is?The idea is that some labels, seals of approval, could be created that would define what kind of content you could expect. One seal would indicate a blogger would be posting anonymous comments. Another would suggest anonymous content would not be welcomed. A third would suggest double sources for all information.This will never work!O'Reilly suggests that bloggers adopting a finished version of the code adorn their websites with an icon of a sheriff's badge bearing the words "civility enforced"!Maybe he and his friends will do it but I will never do that!