March 15, 2007 Launches

Did you know that over 40% of Internet users are still using dialup, which is pretty amazing. These people either cannot get broadband, or find that it's too expensive. For those who must use dialup or who choose to use dialup, there's no reason to pay ten to twenty dollars for service anymore. The huge migration over to broadband has created a glut of modem capacity, and is using this excess capacity to offer silly low pricing. They offer two services,basic and accelerated. Basic dialup service is designed for customers who make light to moderate use of the Internet. This may be a good fit if you don't use dialup very often, for example as a backup connection in case of an outage of your cable or DSL broadband. If you use the Internet regularly, consider our accelerated dialup service for just $1 more.
Accelerated dialup service is our fast Internet access offering. Now surf the web at three to five times the speed of basic dialup access, for just $1 more. Accelerated dialup access provides compression and local storage of web pages to yield a much snappier overall Internet browsing experience. We highly recommend acceleration for any users who make more than occasional use of the Internet.
All accounts include unlimited personal use of the Internet via our network of reliable and local toll-free dialup numbers.

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