March 16, 2007

About Backlinks

Blogging and pinging has been around for quite some time now and it used to be a very
effective strategy for gaining fast and high rankings in the major search engines. I
remember a time when I could simply post links to my blogs with no content and a few
days later I would be in top 10 positions on Yahoo and MSN for some pretty competitive
The B & P strategy still works and it will get your websites spidered pretty fast. The only
problem is that now the search engines are wise to the strategy and it no longer carries
much weight on where or when a search engine will index you.
Backlinks are a very important factor in a search engines (especially Google) algorithm
to decide how high to index you for certain keywords. If you have a blog with a
pagerank of 0 (zero) and you post links to that blog and then ping that blog, you will get
spider activity. If the search engine determines that your blog is not a splog (spam blog)
then it will index you… but where?
In most cases you will be buried 1000’s of pages deep in the SERPS (Search Engine
Results Pages), especially for more competitive keywords. The reason behind this is
quite simple. The rocket scientists at Google and others get paid to ensure that only
quality websites get into the top 10 or top 100 for that matter. Do you really think that
blogging and pinging to 1000 PR0 (zero) blogs is going to make those automated spiders index you near the top? The fact is that search engines don’t place much weight
on blogs with zero pagerank linking to sites that haven’t been indexed.All the major search engines have millions of dollars to spend locating and figuring out
the strategies that you use daily to get indexed and ranked. They have 1000’s of
employees and eyeballs all over the net reading the same discussion forums you read,
buying the same software you buy and running programs and strategies the same way
you run them