January 3, 2007

Free PPC Advertising

One of the great things about PPC is that you can always find some sort of coupon to get free ads. Here are some list of coupons worth $300 for you to grab.

1. Microsoft adCenter $200 coupon
Go to the $200 free offer page to get started with Microsoft AdCenter and use promo code DM-2-1106 (also listed on site) before January 15, 2007. This $200 of free advertising requires a charge of $5 (Basically , it is $195 of free advertising). This thing applies to US residents only.

< 2. Google
Click here to sign up for Google AdWords and take advantage of their Christmas season $50 advertising coupon.

3. Looksmart

Go to this sign up page and enter promo code SESCHQ4 during the check-out process.
So there you get $300 of free advertising to get you started with.

4. Ask.com

Go to this sign up page and enter promo code SESCHI06 during the check-out process.

Now you can test how well your PPC works for your products or for whatever websites you are promoting. See what spots give you more clicks and conversion, play around with keywords, play around with everything and see what works.