July 22, 2006

Making Money From Blogs

Blogs are a relatively new way to make money, but the fact is that your average person could make a good deal of money through blogging. While there are many people that have their own personal web logs or blogs, there are other blogs that are quite informative, fun to read, and even lucrative. If you have a bit of writing talent or a unique point of view you'll likely find that you can make money blogging. Blogging can be a lot of fun, and if you approach it just right it can also make you some money.

There are some very well known blogs that are tied to big newspapers, big cable providers, and television shows. These blogs are generally written by people that have a lot of writing or marketing experience so chances are you won't be able to start off writing such a blog, but it doesn't mean that you can't make money doing it! You can actually make money writing your own personal blog if you set up your blog in the right place. There are blogging websites that help you make money by charging those that want to read and write a membership fee. The membership fee is then split between the bloggers based on how many people that read their blogs over a period of time. Many people can make hundreds of dollars a month through this sort of blogging system and it is simply a rewarding way to get your information, point of view, or stories out there where other people can read them.

More and more websites are finding that blogs are a great way to relate to their readers. There are family websites, arts and crafts websites, and more that have set up numerous blogs so that there is new information being posted to their site blogs every day. Bloggers can be paid either by the word, by the post, or dependent upon the number of visitors that read their blog each day or month. If you are an aspiring writer this is a great way to get started because it will give you publishing credit as well as a “real” job to sort of get you used to writing every day. Blogging gives writers exposure, which is what most writers are looking for!

You can also make money from your blogs if you use Google Adsense or a similar program on your blog site. Not only can you make money through the actual posting of your blogs as was mentioned previously, but you can also make money if visitors click on the advertisements on your website or blog space. If you are affiliated with a company or blogging website you may not be able to put the advertisements on your blog without permission but over the period of a month you can make a lot of money through these programs. The great thing is that Google will only post ads that are relevant to the information on your blog, so your loyal blog fans will be more likely to click, earning you more money.

The great thing about blogging is that you can do it from home, in your pajamas, or just in your free time. You might start out blogging as a hobby, and before long you might be able to pay the bills on what you make. Research blogging and see if there is not some way that you can make it pay your bills! Chances are with a little luck and a computer you can make blogging work for you, so have fun with it.